The Sapphire Tower in Istanbul Is the Tallest Skyscraper in Europe

Tall buildings are always remarkable, and people simply love to ascend to the tops of skyscrapers. While Europe has many skyscrapers on offer, the tallest and one of the most remarkable is the Sapphire Tower in Istanbul, Turkey. The building measures an astounding 238 meters to its roof, with a total height of 261 meters including the spire. The spire is a unique part of the building in itself, often confused with a radio antenna despite the fact that it is part of the building’s design.

Combining Shopping with Luxury Living

The Sapphire Tower is both a business and a residential structure. Some floors hold luxurious housing, while others hold shops, restaurants, and other commercial properties. The building is home to a very large shopping mall. There are private gardens spaced out every three floors, while taking a look every ninth floor would show you communal living areas designed for the inhabitants of the tower to enjoy. The building also employs a unique curtain system, controlled automatically by computer that helps absorb sunlight and UV rays by closing at certain times depending on the hour, day, and season.

A Simply Amazing Observation Deck

Since it is the tallest skyscraper in Europe, it isn’t surprising that many visitors to the Sapphire Tower want to ascend to the top. Upon reaching the tower’s famous observation deck, visitors will find themselves surrounded by glass that goes from the floor to the ceiling. The ceiling is partially open as well, which helps prevent that cramped feeling that comes with being on an enclosed deck so high up in the air. The view from the tower is simply astonishing, giving visitors a unique perspective on almost the whole of Istanbul as it spreads beneath their feet.

Interesting Facts About Sapphire Tower

There is no doubt that Sapphire Tower is a destination that must be experienced to be believed, but many people are unaware of just how remarkable the building really is. Here are some unique features and facts about Sapphire Tower:

· It has its own golf course

· The building is both environmentally friendly and energy efficient

· The unique mall inside the building is set up like a bazaar, offering everything from locally made gifts to local produce and traditional Turkish cuisine

· The building has a swimming pool for residents to enjoy

A Must-See Destination

At the end of the day, Sapphire Tower really is a must-see destination for anyone visiting Istanbul. If you live in a country where you simply need a Turkish travel visa to visit the city, it is highly recommended that you do so. Istanbul is a unique destination that offers both a vibrant history and a great deal of modern appeal, and Sapphire Tower is an excellent example of the latter. Whether you want to visit the mall, view the impressive vertical gardens or see the most majestic view of Istanbul from the observation deck, Sapphire Tower certainly has something interesting in store for you!


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