News on Latest Launched Vehicles

There are many models of vehicles that have been launched recently. Most of them are the upgrades of the available models. Utilize the following information to discover the primary features of the vehicles launched in 2014.

-          They have more features that are not in the other models.

-          They have improved engines, sufficient fuel consumption, and high speed limits

-           We are going to look at some of them that were released last year and early 2014.

Range rover sport

It was launched in late 2013.

  • It is available in both manual, automatic features.
  • It is lighter than the previous models, with sufficient fuel consumption 0.05 liters per kilometer.
  • It has been designed into engine models.
  • You can choose, the diesel consuming model, which come in two types.
  • 3.0 litter v6, or 4.4 litre v 8 model.
  • The diesel model, 5.0, v8 petrol.
  • The range rover is strong as it is fitted with two all-wheel drive thus it is fit for all types of the road.
  • It environmental friendly as it emits too little co2.

This vehicle is fit for use in the urban area due to it efficiency.

Mercedes Benz S- class

- This model was released in the market in January 2014.

- It is a cosy car with a comfortable back seat that makes you feel you are in a luxurious room.

- It has a high transmission power of 7seven speed automatic and manual.

- It is also a four wheel drive with high suspension making it drivable on all types of roads.

- The engine takes it all with a 577hp 5.5 litre v8 and 449 hp litre v8 diesel engine models

- S- class has good ventilation and music system making you comfortable driving in it.

-It is efficient in fuel consumption.

Porsche Panamera

- It has a twin turbo3.0 litre v6.

- It has been fitted with a seven speed automatic clutch.

- It has efficient engine consumption.

- The engine is fitted with an eight speed automatic converter.

- It also has the ability to produce about 420 horsepower.

- Inner space is enough for four making it comfortable to ride in.

Honda Accord

- It efficient in fuel consumption with a 24- 34 mpg depending on the condition of the road.

- It has enough room and quality seat covering making them durable.

- The engine is two way lines with four cylinders.

-It is a front wheel drive vehicle with a six speed manual drive.

- The horsepower goes up 185 hp, 6400 rpm.

- It has been designed with antilock brake disc for more stability.

- If you are looking for a sporty vehicle then this is it, since this is perfect for you.

Maserati Quattroporte SQ4

- It is made by an Italian company.

- It is the sixth generation of Mserati.

- It has 3.0 litre v-6.

- It is fitted with a turbocharger making fuel consumption efficient.

- It generates 404 horsepower.

- SQ4 is automatic with a seven speed.

- It is has a higher speed limit of 177mph.

- Maserati is perfect car for travelling up country as it has enough speed, fuel efficiency and four wheel drive for all terrains.

Whenever you buy one of the above Vehicles, Ensure you book driving Practical test.


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