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UAE Developers keep their eyes on $54m projects in Turkey

Green Valley International Real Estate which is based in UAE has announced that they may invest into turkey projects totalling… Continue reading »

House Prices see a Sudden Rise in August

House prices saw a sudden 1.3% increase in the month of august. This is biggest increase for over 2 years…. Continue reading »

£6 m Rural land fund

£6 million fund has been put together for support groups looking buy land in Scotland for the better of the… Continue reading »

Housing prices in UK up by 0.7%

The percentage was at 0.8 in the three month from the start of 2012, this figure comes from Halifax. This… Continue reading »

New land use law in Brazil

On Wednesday a new ruling that millions of hectares of land that had been cleared to be replanted, this comes… Continue reading »

Hong Kong property tycoon Walter Kwok arrested in bribery investigation

The former boss of Hong Kong’s largest property developer has been arrested in a high-profile anti-corruption investigation that has already… Continue reading »

London Olympics 2012 positive or negitive for property owners?

In the London property market everyone seems to be expecting a boost for rental properties this summer thanks to the… Continue reading »

Acuna Says: Spain Has Enough Excess Land for 4 Million New Homes

Spain has enough land approved for development to build 4 million homes and an existing supply of residences that will… Continue reading »